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Americana UK "Green to Dust" album review (2017)

"DC's voice is accentuated with chops from his Gibson SG which makes Thin Wire Fence so different from other alt-country bands... It adds darkness to the sweet sound of the pedal steel, reminiscent of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Blixa Bargeld's welcome Teutonic assault. Sometimes they sound so heavy.

You get the whole nine yards (and more) when you sign up with these mother-freakers... Rocking-out Nashville Valhalla meets Nick Cave at midnight and the amps are turned up to eleven. Whoa-yeah!"

Americana UK  "Takerman" EP review (2014)

"Rock n’ roll is the devils music, apparently - then here’s 5 reprobates whose souls are lost, when they met at the crossroads, they strayed onto the wrong path, thank all that is holy. Beyond redemption, probably but certainly worthy of your ears, their wayward wanderings to darker pastures are the sort relished by fans of Americana this side of the pond.

Stonesy in parts it switches back to Giant Sand the next. It sounds like it was written in the back of a minivan, amongst the heaps of still warm amps and guitar straps mended with gaffa tape. It is more than a decent fist of Southern fried rock, it’s a fist with tattoos on its knuckles and a silver skull ring. Dude we need the album."

The Chain Magazine live review -

LIVE: Thin Wire Fence and The Cheating Hearts – What’s Cookin’ – 04/02/15

"From the outset, the crowd loved them (many of the regulars had seen their first appearance here), and the band went on to play a 45 minute set which left the audience begging for an encore." 

Gigs & Bands live review -  

Thin Wire Fence + Beartown Zodiac + Duveaux @ Chaplins

"We've seen Thin Wire Fence a few times now and they never disappoint.
A classic example of a band who appear to be having as much fun as the audience, they launch into a set full of superb British/Americana/country.
Professional and polished they look easy in front of the Cellar Bar and the crowd respond with dancing and general merriment.
TWF move between Springsteen-esque rock and good ole country and pretty much every stop in between but with a British sense of humour.
Particularly enjoyed was the love-song-that-is-really-a-sex-song.
Finishing off the night with a well deserved encore they put the seal firmly on a very enjoyable evenings' live music."

Full Review -

 Rock Regeneration live review -
  Wonky Donk Festival 2015

“The band really impress… There are tracks from their latest EP “Takerman” including “Bear”, “Stay a While” and the title track which has a thoroughly addictive guitar riff with great combined vocal work”