Tuesday 21 October 2014

Americana UK Review of Takerman EP

Head over to Americana UK and check out their review of our Takerman EP. We're completely stoked. They gave us a smoking 8 out of 10, which is unbelievable.

Here's our favourite quote from the review:

"It is more than a decent fist of Southern fried rock, it’s a fist with tattoos on its knuckles and a silver skull ring."

Hopefully sums it up nicely.

So read the review then head over to our music page to get a copy of the CD. We're working on digital downloads as we speak...


Review by Rudie Humphrey - Americana UK

Rock n’ roll is the devils music, apparently - then here’s 5 reprobates whose souls are lost, when they met at the crossroads, they strayed onto the wrong path, thank all that is holy. Beyond redemption, probably but certainly worthy of your ears...